About Us

Why Use An Education Foundation?

Education foundations are established to encourage and inspire excellence in schools. These foundations provide incentives to continue high performance standards, preserve valued traditions, and provide money for needs that are beyond traditional funding. We believe that these dollars will enhance the educational excellence that Wylie ISD parents and citizens have come to expect.

About WBEF

The Wylie Bulldogs Education Foundation was established in April 2010 to provide a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization with the mission of collecting and distributing gifts to promote excellence in education. Many school districts across Texas and the U.S. established foundations due to reduce state funding and budgetary restraints. We believe that these dollars will support the type of educational excellence that Wylie parents and citizens have come to expect.

Grants, Scholarships and More!

The Foundation accomplishes its mission by providing grants to teachers to fund innovative ideas in the classroom. These grants purchase technology, STEM kits, classroom tools that make learning fun and much more. The Foundation also provides scholarships to seniors who plan to attend an institute of higher learning. It also provides funds to encourage and reward excellence from teachers and to purchase items of special need — like tools for the Career and Technical Education program. Pictured at left is Foundation Founder Becky Rentz with audio/video students after they received a grant.
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